Water discovery lab in Greenville opens doors to curious students


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - After months of being in the works, STEM Water Discovery Lab opened its doors Monday, full of students teaching other students why they should care about the quality of their water.

Sixth-grade students, 32 in all, from the Oakwood School were the first to experience the new water discovery lab. Taught by other students ranging from 8th-12th grade, they were able to learn about water quality while getting a completely hands-on experience.

The students rotated between different educational stations. One station allowed the students to see the effects of toxic water through beads. Another allowed them to actually test water samples and find pH balances.

"You know I ask people what we use water for -- taking a shower, brushing our teeth, eating, drinking, but water effects us in a lot more ways than just that," Parks Coordinator Christopher Horrigan said.

Horrigan hopes his lab will educate more people on how important water is and most importantly, how to keep it clean.

The lab is currently open during the week for school groups and will be open for the public on weekends. The water lab will continue to be "DOS lead," meaning that students will continue instructing other students.