Washington Blind Center recovering from break-in

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The Blind Center in Washington is still recovering from a break-in last week and is in need some some help itself.

Last week, staff members at the Blind Center arrived to find someone had thrown a brick through a window, leaving glass everywhere. Whoever broke in didn't get away with anything, but they've obviously left the staff and the clients a little shaken up. "I think it's gonna take quite a long time to get the glass," said Liz Liles, executive director. "We were still finding slivers and shards of glass even though we've swept and mopped numerous times." Liles said she walked into the Blind Center the day of the incident and immediately knew something was wrong. She said she soon discovered someone had broken into the center in hopes of finding money. "The same way you would feel as if your home had been broken into, that sense of violation," Liles said. "They feel that sense of ownership here. "For them, this is their safe place. This is like a family within a family." The clients are feeling a lot less safe with the broken glass still in the halls, a reminder of the $1,000 in damage that was done. That has not meant a shortage of support from donors. "We've had phone calls and emails and texts coming in to just let us know that if there's anything the community can do to help us and support us in that process, that they're willing to do so," Liles said. Police said they don't have any suspects at this time. If you would like to help, you can click here to go to a page. Viewers can also donate directly to the website.

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