Warm temperatures cause an early start to allergy season


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - It's the end of February, still weeks before we typically see buds appearing in a daffodil field, but because of these record-setting temperatures they have already blossomed.

The flowers and trees are not the only things we are seeing bud early. Allergy season is already here. Expect to soon see the yellow pollen, feel the itch on your nose and experience runny eyes because Dr. Arjun Mohan with East Carolina University said allergy season will hit hard. "Specific to our area a combination of a milder winter, more unexpected spikes in temperature than we thought about and rains we've been having causing plants and trees to pollinate early," Mohan said. According to NewsChannel 12 Meteorologist Les Still, during this time of year the top three allergens to look out for are juniper, elm and alder. Over the next four days, the pollen count will be at its highest, including Wednesday and Friday. Mohan said despite popular belief, being on the coast does not limit the amount of the allergens in the air compared to the inland areas, they are just different types of pollen.

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