Waffle House employees continue Christmas tradition


NEW BERN, Craven County - There's not many businesses that you'll find open on Christmas Day, but the workers at one local Waffle House were serving up some hot dishes for those in need of a holiday meal.

"Waffle House is open 365 days a year," Derrick Moore, the district manager at Waffle House, said. "We don't close at all, unless we are shut down."

The food chain continued its long Christmas tradition of staying open to service the community.

"Honestly, for the customers and for the associates, we have a lot of customers -- a lot of regulars -- that come here all year round and they come back on Christmas," Moore said. "One, it's a family tradition and two, because they want to come back and take care of the associates. Their chance to say, 'hey guys thank you.'"

Based on the turnout earlier in the day, the move seemed to pay off.

"One lady came through, gave us cookies, others give very generous tips," Moore said. "Business is pretty good -- better than it was last year. We are building a tradition here and it's starting to grow. It's getting better and better."

Despite working on Christmas, the employees say they always find time to open their gifts.

"My gifts usually get opened while I'm at work because I have three kids."

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