Visitors talk about evacuating Ocracoke Island again


CEDAR ISLAND, Carteret County - A mandatory evacuation by visitors on Ocracoke Island began Monday morning because of Hurricane Maria.

You could tell the storm wasn't too far away as the wind whipped at Cedar Island, where many visitors left a ferry that took them from Ocracoke. There were a lot of disappointed faces as people were forced to leave ahead of Hurricane Maria.

It's the second time since July visitors had to evacuate. Back in July, a power outage forced around 10,000 visitors to leave while crews made repairs to bring power back there and to a part of Hatters.

Ann McCarty and Bo Fried were on Ocracoke Island less than a day into their vacation when Hurricane Maria put an end to a year's worth of planning and saving.

"It's frustrating, but its nothing like what's happening to other people in other parts of the world," said McCarty.

"Yeah, it's a little bit of bad luck but we really count our blessings," Fried said.

They were very worried for Ocracoke.

"We love Ocracoke and we are just really concerned about their safety and what this rising waters do to them and what the loss in revenue when people have to leave the island," McCarty said. "So its a real pain in the neck and a dissapointment for us, but its also really sad for them."

Now, they'll have to roll with whatever Hurricane Maria brings.

"We consider vacations to be adventures together, so this is jsut another adventure," Fried said.

The N.C. Department of Transportation said there is still no word on when visitors will be allowed back on Ocracoke. They say that decision will be made by Hyde and Dare counties possibly as early as Wednesday morning.

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