USO of NC, Jacksonville Center keeps tradition going with Thanksgiving meal


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Thanksgiving is all about family. But what if you are in the military and can't spend the holiday with your family?

As they have done for at least 30 years before, the USO of NC, Jacksonville Center gives those in the armed forces a chance to still have that meal with family. John Farinacci is in the Navy and moved with his wife to Jacksonville just a couple of weeks ago after being stationed in Texas. He was one of many who were thankful for what the USO was doing.

"We just moved to the area, we don't have any family here and we're looking to spend some time out here meeting some new people and enjoy a thanksgiving dinner," Farinacci said.

Originally from Oregon, his family lives on the West Coast and isn't able to be here for the holidays. With donations of food from the community, the USO was able to keep servicemen and women like Farinacci from having to spend Thanksgiving alone.

"We appreciate them taking the time to support us," Farinacci said. "This is an interesting community here. You've got people from all across the country so its nice to see the community come together to support you."

Even though his family couldn't make it out this year, he said he is still thankful.

"I'm just thankful to be here in the states," Farinacci said. "I've spent Thanksgiving overseas before and that's a tough time for people."

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