USO of North Carolina stands ready to help hurricane victims


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - While nearly 700 Marines are on their way to assist those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the USO of North Carolina is ready to help, too.

There's a mobile unit full of supplies on standby to support our service members already deployed to Texas. "We're ready to go when and if we get the call," said Holly Coffer, the Jacksonville Center Director. "Our staff and mobile unit is ready to go head that way." In the midst of overwhelming military support headed to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the USO said it's ready to help in any way it can. The mobile unit comes stocked with basic essentials for the service members -- giving them peace of mind knowing there's one less thing they have to worry about -- and increased focus on their mission. "With comfort kits, with our mobile unit which is literally a USO on wheels," Coffer said. "Everything that a brick and mortar USO has we have in that mobile unit and it can go anywhere. "We'll have wifi, we'll have phone chargers, we have air conditioning. We have the ability to bring in snacks and coffee, comfort kits, which would be the toiletry items: the shampoo, soap, dry socks, the bug spray, those kinds of things." They are supplies that seem small but make all the difference to our service members when they're on a mission.