UPDATE: Boil water advisory lifted in Atlantic Beach, all restaurants able to reopen


ATLANTIC BEACH, Carteret County - A boil water advisory for Atlantic Beach lasted about 24 hours. Town leaders called it off at 3:00 pm Saturday, allowing restaurants to reopen after they were ordered closed Friday afternoon.

"The Atlantic Beach Water Dept. appreciates the patience and cooperation of our citizens and businesses," said David Walker, Town Manger of Atlantic Beach. The town says a faulty water test this week showed e-coli levels about the state allowed limit. One test of many taken around town led to the advisory.

Friday evening, restaurant parking lots around town were empty due to the boil water advisory. One of the 30 affected restaurants is the Monkey Bar and Grill. Part owner Kevin Collins says weekends are usually a busy time, especially in the fall."We'd have a lot of people in watching the football games, college football just started, professional on Sundays," says Collins. "We're going to miss both of those."

The Sea Monkey Restaurant down the road is also owned by the Monkey Bar and was shut down from the advisory as well. Collins expects the losses from the weekend to be pretty large. "Between the two restaurants, we're probably looking at 15-thousand dollars in sales over the weekend. That's not profit its sales so its greater than it sounds but it still hurts especially this time of year."

Before the restaurant is able to open again everything that uses water, like the ice and drink machines, must be cleaned out properly to health code standards.