Kinston Police issue warning about leaving vehicle doors unlocked


KINSTON, Lenoir County - Out of 16 car break-ins in the past month, the Kinston Police Department said 13 of those were due to unlocked doors.

It's a problem they see year-round. It's why they are warning people to lock their doors.

"Lock your vehicles. This is 2017, you can't trust people. You have to have your vehicles locked," said Woody Spencer, Public Information Officer with Kinston Police.

Kinston Police released these tips to help reduce the amount of break-ins:

-- Keep your door locked at all times

-- Park in well-lit areas

-- Do not leave your windows cracked (even during the summer)

-- Call 911 immediately to report suspicious activity

-- Do not leave laptops, cell phones, chargers, cash, purses, GPS systems, etc. in vehicle

-- Be aware of your surroundings at all times

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