Unique artifacts awaiting display at Carolina Museum of the Marine


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Thousands of items have been donated for the Carolina Museum of the Marine in Jacksonville to be on display when it opens.

Lisa Potts, who has devoted much of her time collecting and cataloging the items, says there are some unique items they are anxious to show to the public once the museum is built. Work is currently being done to raise the more than $20 million needed to build the museum. "All of these Marines and sailors are waiting for me to open their lockers, and we have to take those memories and to break them down into pieces and then tell the story of the Carolina Marines," Potts said. "We have thousands ... Marine Corp covers, stuff that came back from Iraq, a patched uniform, I have a whole collection of code talkers, Marine Corp drum and bulge corp, the old dog tag machines, he saved his brass..." "We are wall-to-wall, top-to-bottom." Potts said she still has at least 50 lockers to go through and more are being donated every day. Once here cataloging is done, items will be selected to put on display once the museum is opened.

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