Two possible ordnances wash up at Outer Banks locations

(National Parks Service photo)

BARCO, Currituck County - What appears to be two World War II ordnances have washed up at two different locations on the Outer Banks.

ABC affiliate WVEC reports one washed up on Whale Head Beach in Currituck County. Currituck County Emergency Management was assisting and an ordance team from Cherry Point would investigate further. The area where the ordance was found has been cordoned off.

Another possible unexploded ordnance washed ashore a beach near Cape Hatteras National Seashore's beach access ramp 34 in Avon. The Cherry Point Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit was also called in to investigate and that area was cordoned off.

Officials said the likely reason for both ordnances washing ashore is due to the recent hurricane activity that's been going on in our part of the state.

Monday night, Sam Walker, news director of Max Radio of the Carolinas and tweeted the first device was filled with 600 pounds of concrete and was not an explosive device.

NEW INFO: Corolla "mine" was a training device, filled with 600 lbs of concrete. Waiting on update about the Avon device.

-- Sam Walker OBX?????? (@SamWalkerOBX) September 26, 2017
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