Missing 21-year-olds from Carteret County found

(Photos: Carteret County Sheriff's Office)

NEWPORT, Carteret County - The two missing young adults reported missing in Carteret County have been found.

Officials with the Carteret County Sheriff's Office confirmed at 11:15 a.m. that Casey Burroughs, 21, was found "alive and talking" in the search. Briana Wallace, 21, was also found alive shortly after, as Burroughs was able to point police in her direction.

Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck said that Burroughs and Wallace left their cell phones behind when they went for a hike on Saturday, November 11. They were found two nights later after three searches of the surrounding area.

"A lot of scrapes," Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck said. "You can imagine walking through some thick area with a lot of thorns and thick underbrush and branches -- pretty tough terrain back there to be walking around in without the proper equipment."

Officials from the Carteret County Sheriff's Office said that the search for the two young adults began at 10 a.m. this morning at the end of Sand Hills Drive off Gales Creek Road (off Nine Mile Rd) in Newport. This location borders a large portion of Croatan National Forest.

This was the third search for the missing pair and it included some type of air support. Officials, along with family and friends, searched in this area because it is close to where they found Burroughs' abandoned car.

Officials confirmed that both Burroughs and Wallace were taken to Carteret Health Care for exposure to the elements.

Sheriff Buck said that he doesn't suspect any foul play in this incident. He believes this is a case of two people getting lost in the woods.