Two local elected officials could be chosen by pulling names out of a jar


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - Elections are generally straight forward, but two of the next local officials could be chosen by pulling names out of a jar because of tied results.

The race for a commissioner position in Pine Knoll Shores is tied and a council spot in Morehead City is separated by only one vote.

A recount for each race will officially take place next week. If the recounts end in a tie for either race, the winners will be chosen by drawing a candidate's name out of a jar, but officials hope it doesn't come to that.

"It's kind of sad when you've gone through all that work and the candidates have done so much and worked so hard and then the voters have all voted, but it still comes down to drawing a name out of a fishbowl," Carteret County Elections Director Sharon Lewis said.

The drawing will only occur if there is a tie after the recounts. If that happens, each candidate will be present to confirm that their name is in the jar before the drawing.