Town of Chocowinity christens new rescue boat


CHOCOWINITY, Beaufort County - A generous donation will help keep you safe on the water in the Chocowinity area.

A new water rescue boat is now part of the town's emergency department. In an area known for its water, the water just got a little bit safer thanks to a team community effort and a generous resident.

Bob Schultz said he was filled with pride as he saw his old boat in its new form.

It's fantastic looking now," Schultz said. "Much fancier looking than when I had it I can tell you that."

Situated right on the Pamlico River, Chocowinity first responders often get called to rescue people on the water. Until now, they had no boat to execute that help. When Schultz heard they needed one, he realized he'd spent more time cleaning his old boat than enjoying it.

"My wife and I talked about it and we said, 'well, maybe our boat's suited for that'," Schultz said. "It's 24 feet long, it's got a big engine on it, it may be just the right size for them."

Schultz and community members watched on as Chocowinity first responders christened their new rescue boat. Chocowinity EMS Captain Shane Grier said they're eternally grateful for the donation.

"You're probably talking about $50,000," Grier said. "And if we can add that service to Beaufort County without costing the taxpayers one penny, that's a win-win for everybody involved."

Schultz said the boat's re-purposing is worth much more than he could have ever sold it for.

"As one of our earlier speakers said, you can't put a value on a life," Schultz said. "If this could save or help one person, it's invaluable."

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