Tourists arriving at Crystal Coast talk about leaving Ocracoke, Hatteras islands


CEDAR ISLAND, Carteret County - Tourists on Ocracoke and Hatteras islands are going home early because of a power outage. Some of them ended up at the Cedar Island ferry location.

Many tourists who came from Ocracoke Island ended up booking hotels on the Crystal Coast after their vacations were cut short. "At 4:30 in the morning, I just put my feet on the floor to get up, the lights flickered and that's when the saga began," said Grant Slack, who went to Ocracoke for a reunion with his family. "I mean it's always unfortunate to not get to spend as much time with your family," said Allie Moss. At first, the blackout didn't cause a problem. "It was kind of fun for the first night, we had candles and played some card games with family," Grant Moss said. Then the order came to leave, two days earlier than planned. The family is now heading their separate ways, some to Tennessee and others to Virginia. Although their trip was interrupted, they refuse to look anywhere but the bright side of things. "There's nothing much we can do so I guess we just need to plan on next year and be happy about the time we got at the beach," Allis Mooss said. The ferry from Cedar Island ran on a normal schedule on Friday but you have to have a resident's pass to get on the island.

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