Three convicted in Carteret County superior court this week

From left to right: Shane Michael White, Fred Allen Jones and Sherry Dixon Bailey (Carteret County Sheriff's Office photos)

BEAUFORT, Carteret County - District Attorney Scott Thomas announced three convictions in Carteret County Superior Court this week.

Shane Michael White, 34 (assault), Fred Allen Jones, 62 (selling marijuana) and Sherry Dixon Bailey, 48 (selling meth) were each convicted or accepted plea deals before going to trial.

Below is the full press release with each person's charges and sentences:


District Attorney Scott Thomas announced the following convictions obtained this week in Carteret County Superior Court. Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Parsons presided over this term of court, and the following cases were prosecuted in court by Assistant District Attorney David Spence.

SHANE MICHAEL WHITE, 34, of Morehead City, was found guilty by a jury of Assault Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury, following a two-day trial and deliberations lasting just over one hour. White engaged in a blind-side attack on the victim, a Newport resident, at the Speedway gas station in Newport. The victim suffered a closed-head brain injury in the assault, when he was knocked unconscious and hit his head on the pavement. A passerby saw the attack, and held White on the ground at gunpoint until the interference of several of White's friends caused him to step away. White fled into the woods and was located by police the following day. White was sentenced to the maximum sentence - 28 to 43 months in prison. White was on parole from the State of West Virginia at the time of the offense, for a 2007 armed robbery charge, and upon completing his North Carolina sentence, he will be returned to West Virginia to serve his remaining 13 years there. White also has two other robbery convictions - a 2002 conviction in Ohio, and a 2014 conviction in Craven County. The Newport Police Department investigated the case.

FRED ALLEN JONES, 62, of Morehead City, pled guilty before his case was called for trial. He was convicted of Sale of Marijuana Within 1000 Feet of a Park, occurring in December, 2015, in Morehead City. A Morehead City Police Department detective used an informant to conduct an undercover purchase of marijuana from Jones for $ 60.00. Jones' criminal history is extensive, and he was sentenced to a prison term of 45 to 66 months. 2

SHERRY DIXON BAILEY, 48, of Newport, pled guilty before her case was called for trial, and was convicted of Sale of Methamphetamine to an undercover informant working with the Carteret County Sheriff's Office in March, 2016. Bailey was sentenced to a prison sentence of 16 to 29 months. Bailey's prior convictions include both state and federal convictions, including ones for drug offenses.

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