Thousands attend BBq Festival on the Neuse


Kinston, LENOIR COUNTY - Over 80 cook teams offered up their best creations for judges of the largest BBQ cookout in the state. One man in the backyard BBQ division stayed up more than 24 hours just to keep an eye on his pig.

"I stayed up all night with it, we check it every 30, 40 minutes," said Lynwood Harper, a competitor.

He feels confident he could win, but regardless of whether he does or not, he feels happy to be in Kinston. we got a little secret that we don't give away. "We enjoy it especially with a good crowd I see a lot of friends I only see once a year, that's the main reason we came, I got a lot of friends out cooking and I don't see them but one time a year," said Harper.

According to the Mayor of Kinston, despite flooding concerns earlier in the week, the festival is bigger than ever. "There were concerns whether or not we would be able to get the fireworks off but I told them, you didn't understand the city of Kinston, we would have built a barge and lit those fireworks last night, had a great turn out the flood is not a concern for the festival an we are having a lot of fun here already," said BJ Murphy, Mayor of Kinston.

A delicious win for BBQ lovers and the city of Kinston alike. "We love celebrating small victories and this is a big one to have a lot of fun" said Mayor Murphy. "Today I'm giving away the keys to the city, we've got some wonderful bands here, kids are smiling and people are spending money which is what the vendors are here for so everybody wins today."

According to Mayor Murphy, once all the festivities are wrapped up, the city estimates around 40,000 thousand people will have participated in the festival.

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