Mini therapy horses get special swearing-in ceremony

(Pitt County Sheriff's Office photos)

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - It's a typical day at Rocking Horse Ranch in Greenville. Sort of.

Miniature therapy horses Sammy and Gunner were getting groomed and trained. They were also getting ready to take a field trip. They made their way to their destination, the Pitt County Superior Court where they went upstairs and got dressed for their special ceremony. The ceremony was to swear both of them in as deputies for the Building Bridges Program. The program partners the sheriff's office, Rocking Horse Ranch and East Carolina University. The two new "deputies" will help those who have suffered through traumatic incidents. Watch the video above to see the horses getting dressed up and sworn in as deputies. Click here to go to the Rocking Horse Ranch Therapeutic Riding Program's Facebook page or website.

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