Safety improvement plan for 10th Street awaiting cost estimates


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The safety improvement project on 10th Street in Greenville has been in the works for several years.

The purpose is to create a traffic-calming roadway to limit crash crashes and pedestrian injuries from Evans Street all the way to Oxford Road. Currently NCDOT is at a standstill awaiting cost estimates from its consulting agency on the improvements that NCDOT Safety Engineer Steve Hamilton gave to city council Thursday.

Since this is three miles of roadway, Hamilton says it's hard to have an exact timeline on when things will occur. They cannot proceed any further until they know the cost and can determine where the money will come from. But in the meantime, city council has already put some measures in place to improve the safety.

"Ahead of schedule, a year and a half year early we were able to get a stoplight in here, safety strips and some improvements in lighting to begin this process," Mayor Allen Thomas said.

Some other features you can expect to see at the completion of the project will be medians with vegetation, bike lanes, standalone cross walks for people in the neighboring areas trying to cross the busy five lane roadway for the bus stop or even just to shop.

One other important feature is improving the sidewalks as most in the area stop and start all the way from Evans out to the Copper Beech Apartments. By widening these walkways to five feet, it creates a more walkable lifestyle for students and residents along 10th Street.