Swansboro HS student helps teacher earn recognition

Jessica Burke, left, and Jessica Burch

SWANSBORO, Onslow County - Thanks to one of her students, a Swansboro High School is getting a little extra recognition.

An essay contest was recently held where students were invited to write a paper about how a teacher had affected their life. The winner, Jessica Burke, wrote her essay about her chemistry teacher with a very similar name: Mrs. Jessica Burch.

In the paper, Burke described how Burch is there for her students both academically and emotionally.

Burch said she was surprised when she got to read the letter.

"It's really sweet. (It) really made me cry a little bit," Burch said.

Part of the surprise to Burch was that Burke never seemed to be a fan of chemistry as a subject.

Burch was awarded a $1,000 gift card to Staples, which she says will be put toward purchasing supplies for her classroom.

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