Suspect in custody after confrontation at Greenville store


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A confrontation between a customer who believed he was short changed and a store clerk led to the suspect being placed in custody Tuesday night.

Greenville Police reported in a press release the incident happened before 8 p.m. at the D's Drive Thru Tobacco Mart, located at 2753 East 10th Street. Police responded to a report of an armed confrontation.

Officials said the suspect made a purchase earlier in the evening at the store and later realized he had been shorted change. He returned to the store to confront the employees about the discrepancy. An altercation ensued between the suspect and the clerk, resulting in the suspect retrieving his gun from his car and placing it on the counter. The store clerk reportedly gave the suspect the change he was owed and the suspect left the store. Officers stopped the suspect as he was leaving the parking lot and placed him in police custody. Charges are pending.

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