Surfers hoping storm brings waves to Hatteras


CAPE HATTERAS, N.C. - Tropical Storm Phillippe is expected to pass well off the North Carolina coast, but we found at least one surfer who hopes the storm will bring nice waves as it passes by.

Surfers like Matthew Barker from Buxton get their hopes up when storms pass. Barker says offshore winds should make it pretty fun for surfers.

"It doesn't keep a lot of surfers away around here. What everyone waits for is the storm to roll in and once that wind turns off shore the waves turn on. It should be rising all day tomorrow and when that offshore wind hits Monday and Tuesday it should be pretty glassy and pretty fun, said Barker.

He's kept a close eye on the storm since it formed in the Caribbean. It's the weather that he and the other Outer Banks surfers live for.

"It's what you hope for is a storm that doesn't cause any destruction. And you hate to see the devastation in the Caribbean but September was a very memorable month here for surfing," said Barker.

On the other hand, Bradley Simmons is heading home to Mount Airy on Sunday. He came to fish with his family earlier this week.

"We're from mount airy we don't get this kind of weather but I'm sure these other boys out here will be just fine," said Simmons.

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