Students learn where their food really comes from during Onslow Agricultural Day

(Photo: Merrilee Moore)

RICHLANDS, Onslow County - Second graders in Onslow County got their hands dirty today to discover the truth about where food comes from in honor of Onslow Agricultural Day.

At Richland Farms, second graders got the opportunity to taste local produce, learn more about farming and get the hands-on experience local farmers have every day.

"If you like to eat and you like to wear clothes and you like to live in buildings, then agriculture is very important," Jillian Ford, an agriculture teacher at Richlands High School, said.

When you were in second grade, did you ever wonder where your food really came from, or did you just think everything came from a grocery store?

"It's also scary every time you hear a kid say, 'That comes from the grocery store!' but that's why things like this are so important," Ford said. "Getting kids more involved and knowledgeable about agriculture and where their food is coming from (is important)."

November 7 marked the very first Onslow Agricultural Day, but organizers hope it's the start of many more.

"It's always exciting to see kids that are like, 'I want to have a garden at my house!' or like with the livestock, 'Let's raise pigs,'" Ford said.

Students were able to roll through six different interactive stations at the event. They were able to see soil labs, soybeans, different types of grains, bee-keeping stations and even get up close to some farm animals.

Organizers hope this trip helped the second graders have a deeper appreciation for agriculture and a better understanding of how to manager their own nutrition when they get older.

"The average age of the farmer in North Carolina is about 58, 59," Ford said. "It's very important that we have young people that are interested in farming and want to continue growing our food."

The students will be able to head back to Richland Farms tomorrow, November 8, for more lessons on agriculture.

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