Students learn about many trades during Kinston manufacturing day


KINSTON, Lenoir County - Hundreds of students went on a large-scale field trip Tuesday with their future careers in mind.

During manufacturing day, students learned many different trades and how to be safe while doing them, such as how to use a motor grader.

"There's a lot of job opportunities out there and you need to take advantage of them," said Jimmy Speight, who teaches masonry at Kinston High School.

"When you're sitting in the classroom and you're teaching them brick masonry, are they thinking that's the only thing available to them? When they go to a business class is that the only thing available to them? No.

"You come here and these guys are saying you need to take computer science, you need to take this, you need to take that. Different subjects that they point out to them that will help them get a job with these companies."

Speight hasn't always been a teacher. So it's exciting for him to see students such as Tanura Berry getting the chance to learn about various trades.

"We got to learn about different technologies and how things were made and all the creations and now I can put that toward my future and going to college," Speight said.

Organizers say the third year of manufacturing day was a success and hope that students drive away with a hard hat full of new knowledge.

This is the second year Global Transpark has hosted the day.

"Manufacture's day is just an incredible day to create good exposure for young people about what their careers can be," said Allen Thomas with the Global Transpark.

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