Strawberry season is here early, due to unusual weather


VANCEBORO, Craven County - If you have been craving strawberries, you're in luck. The season is starting about three weeks earlier than usual thanks to the unusually warm weather in February.

Butch White, the owner of White's Farm in Vanceboro, said that warm weather caused the plants to blossom early.

"You got blossoms in February, you're talking around mid March we're going to start picking," White said.

However when the temperatures started to drop in early March that created big problems for farmers and their crops.

"Everybody probably lost some berries that was doing frost protection, theres just nothing we could do," White said.

White said he lost about 25 percent of his early strawberry crop. Despite the loss, he still feels good about what he sees in the field.

"I'm optimistic, I think we are going to do all right. I've seen better, I've seen worse," White said.

But it's still too early to tell how the rest of the harvest will go.

"We won't know until the end of the season, I mean we got a long ways to go," White said.

White said in order to have a successful season and recover from the losses, he is hoping for a very dry April. White's Farm will open to the public for picking within the next week.

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