Storms leave behind some damage in Richlands, other parts of ENC

(Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12 photo)

RICHLANDS, Onslow County - Storms that rolled through Onslow County and Eastern North Carolina left a bit of a mess Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

In the Bryan Farms neighborhood just off Richlands Highway, you could see things like a fence that was blown down, tree limbs and other items not in their usual places. It was just a taste of some of the damage left behind.

"It ws real strong," said Trudy Ramsey. "Never heard anything like that before."

The storms were strong enough to blow through fences and rip shingles off the roofs of some houses. That caused many residents to wake up in the middle of the night.

"I awoke to very hard rain and the sound of hard wind," Sandra Pelland said. "Woke my husband up, woke me up. It started to get louder. Said to my husband, 'You know, this sounds like a freight train'."

It was enough to shake some houses and tear down some street lights, too.

"The wind was so strong that I could hear it," Ramsey said. "It was like a real loud wind and you could hear it on the side of the house."

Though the storm has passed, damage to yards, fences and other things could come with a price tag. But as bad as some things might have been, residents said they felt blessed that it wsn't a lot worse.

"It can be several hundred to a couple thousand dollars depending on ... cuz we have, all of our yards in this neighborhood are at least half an acre," said Amber Walsh, a homeowners association president and resident. "So depending on how much fence got knocked down, it could be pretty extensive."

The National Weather Service has not confirmed if there was a tornado that came through the neighborhood. The same storms did create two EF2 tornadoes and an EF1 tornado in South Carolina earlier Monday.