Stolen catalytic converters becoming problem in Greenville

(Stephanie Brown, NewsChannel 12 photo)

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Some thieves believe the most valuable part of your car isn't your stereo or even your GPS.

Catalytic converters are becoming the thing thieves look for the most. Greenville Police said thieves are targeting them more and more because they are pricey and in high demand by thieves. You find them underneath your car and it takes seconds to remove. You then can't properly run your car without it.

Police said in the month of December alone, six catalytic converters have already been reported stolen. One of them was from First Presbyterian Church's bus. A spokesperson with Greenville Police said thieves are selling the converters for their precious metals valued at hundreds of dollars.

They can cost drivers up to $1,000 to replace.

"The amount of money that we spent, we could have probably done four more families for Christmas," said Pastor Bill Neely of First Presbyterian Church. "Mostly it's inconvenience, and inconsiderate of whoever's doing it."

Police said the thieves are especially targeting converters on commercial vehicles and one specific vehicle -- Honda Accords. Four of the six stolen this month are from that make and model. Police said they are looking into whether the thefts are connected.

Police suggest you park in well-lit areas with surveillance cameras if you leave your car unattended overnight.

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