Staying safe on the water as easy as A-B-C

(Ashley Boles/NewsChannel 12)

WASHINGTON, Beaufort County - With a ton of people set to hit the water all this week during the Fourth of July holiday, there are a few tips to know to stay safe.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has tons of online resources about rules and regulations and is also participating in a national "Operation Dry Water" campaign that runs through this weekend and provides increased enforcement of boating or driving while intoxicated.

A: Always watch your surroundings

It's important to pay attention to where you are steering, being mindful of others while enjoying the water.

"Just like yesterday we had a boat cross in front of us because people were talking, actually texting," said David Marlowe of the Docks at Moss Landing Marina.

B: Be beverage-wise

"Drinking and Boating is a huge issue that we could encounter. It's a hazard to you, people aboard your boat and people that are near you," said Samantha Asbill, dock attendant at Moss Landing Marina

C: Comply with the rules

For children 13 and under, that means a mandatory life vest (though one for boaters of any age is a good idea).

"Probably the single most important thing is life vests or or personal floatation device because whereas if you have something happen in your car you can get out and walk down the road. In the boat, its not that simple," said Austin Smithwick of the Park Boat Company.

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