State gun rights bill creating debate


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - You may not need a permit to carry a concealed gun in the near future in our state. That issue is creating lots of debate.

The NC House on Wednesday on a bill that would allow someone to carry a concealed handgun without a permit in certain places has received tentative approval in the House. After over an hour of debate, members voted 65-54 Wednesday in favor of the proposal. It would make the permit no longer necessary only in locations where it's currently permissible to openly carry a handgun. Gun purchases still require a permit. "The constitution, the second amendment says that all citizens have the right to keep and bear arms," said Bill Wishon, a concealed carry permit course instructor. Wishon teaches the class required to obtain a concealed carry permit. If the new bill becomes law, gunholders would no longer need to obtain a permit to conceal a gun. "These ten amendments guarentee the rights to you," said Lindsey Richard of Colt's Guns in Winterville. "Being consistent with that line of thought, the constiutional carry is a good deal. It goes right along with what the consitutiton says." The state bill would also eliminate the 8-hour information course to obtain a concealed carry permit.

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