State funding helps strengthen MCAS Cherry Point, advocacy group says


HAVELOCK, Craven County - Havelock Mayor Will Lewis spoke Wednesday to address the $4 million in funding the town received from the General Assembly.

Of the funds, $1 million is designated for Havelock's brownfield Phoenix Site, while the remaining $3 million is set aside for the lift fan maintenance and testing facility at Fleet Readiness Center East.

Allies for Cherry Point's Tomorrow lauded the financial awards, saying the money for FRC East will help improve the area's industrial that is needed for the lift fan testing component for the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. The funds, will aid in bringing high-wage jobs and making the area a key repair facility for the F-35, according to ACT.

"The state appropriation in support of this critical FRC East program is important for two reasons," said ACT President Will Lewis. "This funding is the first time the state of North Carolina has ever made an investment in a federal military installation. It is both a real and symbolic show of support for our North Carolina military bases in anticipation of a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process."

In addition to the funds for the clean-up of the brownfield site that is adjacent to Cherry Point and a military family neighborhoods, ACT said the allocation of $1.2 million for purchase of land in proximity to Bogue Field in Carteret County is also a win for the area.