Some places in Grifton still recovering one year after Matthew

Anne Kennedy (right) and Debra Sanderson

GRIFTON, Pitt County - One year after Hurricane Matthew hit Eastern North Carolina, the town of Grifton still has areas trying to recover.

When FEMA supplied grant money for the state to buy out homes damaged by the storm, Grifton resident Anne Kennedy said she'd hoped the process would have been a little quicker.

"Sometimes I feel like we're kind of in we're just hanging on," Kennedy said. "Just hanging on to when the buyout process begins."

In applying for a buyout, Kennedy hopes to receive the market value of her home, which she'll use to purchase property somewhere else. Unfortunately, her neighbor across the street doesn't have the same option.

Instead -- for the past year -- Debra Sanderson has requested FEMA's assistance with raising her trailer and repairing its ductwork so she and her family can have working heating, air conditioning and appliances.

"They'll just put you on hold, they'll get back with you, say you need to file this, you need to file that," Sanderson said.

As both women continue to wait for life to return to normal, Kennedy said she hopes she sees results soon. Gov. Roy Cooper has requested nearly $1 billion in federal aid, some of which goes toward buying out damaged homes. Kennedy said she hopes to know by the first of January whether she qualifies for the buyout.

"To be out of a flood zone area. That is one thing I'm hoping for is to find a piece of property that there is no more flood worries," Kennedy said.

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