Marines at Camp Lejeune put Memorial Day into their own words

Camp Lejeune Memorial Day ceremony (Merrilee Moore/NewsChannel12)

JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Camp Lejeune was the site of a special Memorial Day 21-gun salute on Monday, with cannon blasts filling the air at a rate of one per minute while the American flag flies at half-mast.

First Lt. Hayden Childers said the pauses between each cannon blast allows those in attendance at the ceremony to have a moment of silence to remember soldiers whose lives have been lost.

"There's no 22-gun salute. It doesn't go past 21 so it is the highest honor," Childers said.

Other Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune talked about what the annual ceremony means to them.

"(This day) sits hard on a lot of people's heads," Sgt. Taylor Roepke said. "I know a lot of friends (for) who today is a very very rough day for a lot them because it's bringing back the memories of the people that they don't have around right now."

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