Sinking boat creating mixed emotions in Morehead City


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - A sinking boat is Morehead City is causing environmental concerns for one man.

The catamaran in question can be seen from the Morehead City waterfront. While one person has expressed concerns about it, town officials say that's not the case for them.

"We have not noticed any debris whatsoever," said Lee Everett, dock master for the Town of Morehead City.

The person who is expressing concerns about the boat -- who wished not to be named -- feels otherwise.

"I saw one of this gentleman's boats sink to the extent that all the trash on the top of it floated out," the person said.

Everett said the boat started sinking about a month ago. It's owned by a man who lives on another nearby boat.

"The owner has been removing items stored in the boat in his attempt to get it repaired," Everett said.

The concerned person has a much different take. He says it's not the first time he's seen a situation like this and he said Morehead Ciy doesn't do enough about it when it happens.

"All you have to do to keep the debris from floating off the top is keep the boat floating or get rid of the debris," the person said. "Neither one of those things have happened. To say it's not a problem or that it won't be a problem is ridiculous."

Everett said the boat doesn't fall under the city's jurisdiction and that it's the Coast Guard's responsibility. When asked if he felt the need to reach out to them for help, Everett said not at this time.

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