Shoppers busy as Black Friday now in full effect


People lined up early around stores waiting for Black Friday deals. Now that it's in full effect, the question was what kind of deals did people get and was the experience worth it.

For many people, Thanksgiving was about getting their hands on some turkey and other sides. But for others, Black Friday shopping -- even on Thursday -- is right up there on their menu.

"Carolina-Duke ... we are here today, the line gets behind me," one shopper said with a laugh. "These people up here, they don't care."

"We just need to use the bathroom," another shopper joked.

But, in all seriousness, many people waited for hours to take advantage of the shopping.

"We got here about 3:45 (p.m.)," another shopper said.

"Been out here since about 2:30 (p.m.)," another shopper said.

They were all anxiously awaiting the moment when they opened the doors for shoppers to take advantage of holiday deals.

"We are in line for Call of Duty," one customer said.

"Looking for a television but I think that there may have only been 19. We want that $179 TV, that's what we want," another customer said.

Whether you exited the store happy or sad, everyone could agree on one thing.

"At least you didn't have to be up all night like in the old days," a customer said.

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