Sears closing 45 Kmart stores, including one in Jacksonville


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Sears announced Thursday it is closing 18 of its own stores and 45 Kmart stores. That includes one of the Kmart locations in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Kmart is located at 1130 Henderson Drive. It is the only Kmart location in North Carolina that is closing. None of the Sears stores in our state are closing. The Piney Green Road location will remain open.

Sears made the move as it continues to downsize its company due to losses in customer shopping and as more people move to the web and other discount locations such as Walmart and Target.

The closures are an effort to "right size" its footprint, Sears said in an online press release. "In the process, as previously announced we will continue to close some unprofitable stores as we transform our business model so that our physical store footprint and our digital capabilities match the needs and preferences of our members. It's important to note that these stores will remain open to serve members during the holiday season."

Most stores will close in late January 2018 but some may close sooner. There is no official word when the Jacksonville location will close.

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