Search and rescue exercise happening at Camp Bodie


BLOUNTS CREEK, Beaufort - For the last three days, trackers have been on the trail of people in the wilderness surrounding Camp Bodie in Beaufort County. However, these people aren't really missing. It is part of the Eastern North Carolina Search and Rescue Training.

"We have representation on the ground from dog search teams, we have an equine search team and , we have multiple man tracking teams of people who are qualified to go out in the wilderness and try and locate someone," said John Pack, Beaufort County Emergency Management Director. Emergency services from all across the state have come to join the three day search on land and in water. Volunteers have even come out with their search dogs to sharpen their tracking skills. "The dogs learn something and more so the handlers than the dogs in these exercises because its a known fact the dog knows what to do its just a matter of handlers being able to read what the dogs are telling us and that's why these trainings are so good because we get to learn what the dog is telling us," said Mark Webb, a trainee.

Once the missing people are found all the organizations that participated will debriefed. They will discuss what they did well and did poorly during the exercise. They will then take what they learned back to their home counties, better preparing them for a similar incident.

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