Seafood supplier dedicated to promoting local business


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - It isn't hard to find good seafood in places like Morehead City. If you want it as fresh as can be, Blue Ocean Market has you covered.

The business is all about keeping things local. Chef Anthony Garnett has been with the business since January and prides himself on his dishes using only local ingredients. Just how fresh is it?

"I mean this was just caught just peeled just deveined just served," Garnett said. "I mean this shrimp was swimming less than 24 hours ago.

"We have our own boats, we also have boats that we use outside of this in other businesses, but we try to keep our seafood as local as we possibly can year round."

Blue Ocean Market will be represented at the Challenge Butter Tent at this weekend's North Carolina Seafood Festival. Garnett will be the featured chef and is excited to use the festival as a way to showcase Carteret County to the entire state.

"It draws awareness to local fishermen, local businesses local seafood," Garnett said. "The importance of local seafood and sustainable harvesting, good practice all that good stuff.

"It's a very important festival to us to bring awareness to the Crystal Coast and Morehead City."