'Save My Care' bus tour stops in Greenville

Source: Save My Care Instagram Page

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A traveling campaign to save the Affordable Care Act made a stop Thursday in Greenville.

About a dozen people showed up at Town Common in Greenville to discuss how important healthcare is for the people. Some people were from New Bern and others from Martin County. While they all aren't utilizing the Affordable Care Act for their healthcare needs, they know their friends and neighbors are, which is why they wish to fight for the cause.

"We have been able to raise up local voices above the national narrative often time healthcare is abstract you don't understand that someone who is on the affordable care act is somebody you buy your local morning coffee from you know from church or someone in your community or where you drop off your kids," said Anthony Hayes, "Save My Care" tour director.

So far the bus has made 43 stops. Next, the bus is headed to Richmond.

The group is traveling the country for two months to share the stories and testimonies of those affected by the health care change. These include those who will be denied insurance because of preexisting conditions like asthma. Providers, doctors, nurses, seniors, local elected officials and other champions for health care will also travel with the group.

You can find more information by clicking to this website.

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