Safe zones help buyers, sellers prevent getting robbed


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - An internet exchange didn't go according to plan in Greenville on Wednesday.

Greenville Police responded to a larceny of a video game system that turned into an armed robbery. But there are tips you can do to prevent that from happening to you.

"Make sure the person they're dealing with is who they say they are," said Lt. Carlton Williams, South Zone Commander with GPD. "You may even Google their name to make sure that person hasn't been arrested or if they have a criminal record."

Choosing a good location is also key. Greenville Police say you can meet at any of the substations in the city Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to make internet exchanges. There are substations on West 5th Street, East 10th Street and Greenville Boulevard. You can also make an exchange in one of their internet exchange parking lots.

"Here at the south zone, we have cameras on those locations as well as at the other substations and they're monitored 24 hours a day," Williams said.

Veteran Craigslist user Daniel Carroll said safety should always be a priority during a sale. Carroll said he's bought and sold several items using the service and knows being in a safe zone or somewhere visible in public to make the exchange is important.

"When I do meet the individuals, I always meet them in a public area and I either have a friend with me or keep my phone on me in case I need to call," Carroll said. But I always tell someone where I'm going.

"You want to be at like a mall or at a larger area where there's a lot of people walking in and out throughout the day."

Williams also recommends not giving out any personal information such as your address. Your safety should be a top priority.

"Don't choose to fight over that one item," Williams said. "We can replace the item or you can replace the item but we can't replace you."

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