No blue marlin catches Saturday means RUN OFF wins Big Rock tournament

Run Off, 533.8 pounds (Big Rock Blue Marlin Twitter photo)

MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - No blue marlin were boated and weighed during Saturday, meaning RUN OFF finishes as the overall leader and winner of the 59th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

A total of 53 boats hit the waters during Saturday's final day of competition. While several had blue marlin on the line, none of them were boated and carried to shore to be weighed. So, as was the case after the first day of competition, RUN OFF finishes with the biggest fish caught, reeling in the winner on Monday weighing 533.8 pounds.

Lines were out of the water for the final day of competition at 2 p.m. An awards banquet and ceremony will be held tonight to crown the RUN OFF team, which is from Morehead City, along with recognizing the other boats on the leaderboard that landed fish.

See the final leaderboard at the bottom of this story.


There were two challengers to the 59th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament leaderboard. But both came up short in the quest to grab the top spot.

There were two blue marlin brought in to be weighed on Friday. Neither was able to top the Monday catch of RUN OFF, which maintained the overall lead at 533.8 pounds.

LET IT RIDE had Friday's late weigh-in of a blue marlin caught near the end of competition. It came up at 455 pounds. It was good enough for fourth place in the current standings.

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RUN OFF excited about big catch

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Friday got off to a fast start with REHAB bringing in the first catch of the day. The official weigh in was held at 2 p.m., with the REHAB catch tipping the scales at 506.9 pounds - good for second place.

With the majority of the boats in the tournament making Friday, rather than Saturday, their last day on the water, there will be fewer boats making one last run at the leaderboard and the prize money.

LET IT RIDE is a 68-foot Viking based out of Vero Beach, Fla. It is owned by Arthur Kontos and captained by Edward "Jake" Farley. REHAB is a 48-foot Viking based out of Okatie, South Carolina. It is owned by Glenn Shepard and captained by Nathan Shepard.


Thursday's fishing at the 59th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament turned up a new boat on the leaderboard. But not at the top.

FLOAR PLAN out of Goldsboro boated a blue marlin that was weighted just after 3:30 p.m. that weighed 426 pounds. That was good enough for third place but wasn't big enough to crack the top spot. It was the only boat to bring in a blue marlin as lines were removed from the waters at 3 p.m.

RUN OFF's Monday catch, which was 533.8 pounds, is still the leader. That boat is out of Morehead City. WELDOR'S ARC, from Greenville, remains second at 484.9 pounds and WHITE CAPS, from Wilson, moves to fourth with its 417.7-pound catch.


Wednesday was another day of missed opportunities at the 59th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

None of the boats in the fishing competition were able to land a blue marlin to be weighed, the second straight day that's happened. As a result, RUN OFF maintains the top spot on the leaderboard.

RUN OFF boated a 533.8-pound marlin on Monday. In fact, all three marlins on the leaderboard were caught Monday. Competitors will try again on Thursday. The competition runs through Saturday at 3 p.m.


Day Two of the 59th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament was a dud for catching the big one.

None of the boats that participated in Tuesday's fishing boated a blue marlin to bring to shore and fish. That means RUN OFF maintains the top spot on the leaderboard.

There were 17 blue marlin, 11 white marlin and three sailfish that were released on Tuesday, according to the Big Rock Twitter account.



RUN OFF set the pace at the 59th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

RUN OFF boated a 533.8-pound blue marlin on Monday and currently leads the field after the first of six days of fishing. The haul landed the boat, captained by Brian Harrington, a $463,250 prize for the Fabulous Fishermen. The angler who caught the marlin was Matt Hansley.

WELDOR'S ARC weighed its blue marlin catch Monday around 5:30 p.m. and came in at 484.9 pounds, good enough for second place. WHITECAPS also caught a blue marlin as the first day of fishing officially ended at 3 p.m. WHITECAPS, which boated its blue marlin at 3:31 p.m., had its catch weigh in at 417.7 pounds, good enough for third place currently.

According to the Big Rock Blue Marlin Twitter account, the first day ended with 55 releases, 35 of them blue marlin, 16 white marlin and four sailfish.


1. RUN OFF, 533.8 pounds (won Fabulous Fisherman $463,250 prize)

Facebook Live of weigh-in


2. REHAB, 506.9 pounds


3. WELDOR'S ARC, 484.9 pounds


4. LET IT RIDE, 455 pounds


5. FLOAR PLAN, 426 pounds


6. WHITECAPS, 417.7 pounds

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