Residents, property owners disagree over rezoning


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The Greenville City Council heard arguments for and against rezoning efforts for land located near Clifton Street and Evans Street.

Residents in a nearby subdivision, Cypress Creek, argued rezoning the land for more residential housing could cause some congestion.

"I am really concerned about crime rates going up and this area being trashed and used as a playground for people who don't live here," Dagmar Hermann-Estes said.

She and her husband have lived in Cypress Creek for more than a year. They said if a new apartment complex is placed in the land near their subdivision, they would move.

Property owners WGB Properties want to use the land for a multi-family housing complex that would hold up to 110 families. The council approved its request to rezone the property at Monday's meeting. WGB Properties said a residential building would cause the least amount of travel congestion and is the best compromise for nearby residents.

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