Residents of New Bern apartment complex displaced by flooding

NEW BERN, Craven County - Heavy rains that dropped anywhere between three to six inches of rain in some spots in New Bern caused flooding at a local apartment complex that is forcing some residents out of their homes.

The Westwood Arms Apartments, 3005 Westminster Drive, dealt with floodwaters that rushed into several of its apartment buildings on Saturday night. On Monday, cleanup crews were out working, while some of the residents had been offered $290 by complex management to pay for temporary relocation.

New Bern Public Works Director Matt Montayne said Derby Park and Colony Estates "had significant flooding" on Saturday. Those areas include the Westwood Arms.

Montayne said the backup seen Saturday isn't typical.

"Whenever you get that much rain in a short period of time, it tends to be more than the system can handle," he said.

Westwood Arms resident Cynthia Scott said Saturday wasn't the first time her apartment has been flooded by a bad storm, and this time, she's moving out and not coming back.

"I'm tired of getting my stuff wet because it's flooded," Scott said.

The vice-president of the management company that owns the Westwood Arms said the complex does have floodgates to help keep the water out of the buildings, but the storm broke so hard and fast on Saturday that they could not be set up in time.

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