Report: Eight state troopers under fire for violating residency policy


RALEIGH - Eight state troopers are under fire for violating a residency policy and then lying about it to investigators, a State Auditor's Office report reveals.

The report, issued Monday by North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood, reveals the eight troopers lived further than the 20-mile radius from the county where they are assigned to work. Five of the troopers work in eastern North Carolina, including in Cedar Point, Grimesland, Washington, Roper and Snow Hill.

Five of the eight troopers made commutes of more than 100 miles each way, which the report said likely endangered public safety by increasing their response times. According to the report, the troopers - who rank from a first sergeant to a major - lied about the discrepancies on mileage reimbursement reports by saying the commutes were due to staying at secondary residences and not their primary homes.

Since the investigation concluded, all eight moved to be within policy.

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