Victims of car crash remembered one day after accident


Sixteen year old Samantha Anderson and her four year old brother Angel Nichols are being remembered in their home town of Fort Barnwell.

The two used to go to Jones Grocery right down the street.

"Samantha would just come in with her brother and family, very sweet girl, very pleasant," Kimberly Carter said.

"She was a good friend, had a good personality," said Jonathan Whitfield, who has worked at Jones Grocery for 13 years. And Angel "was running around like always, big old smile."

The two died Thursday in a car crash three miles from their home.

"I rode by Tuesday on my way home and the two youngest ones, the four year olds, were out playing on their bikes in the yard," Whitfield said. "Its just heart breaking."

We called the Department of Transportation and they said unofficially it's the sixth crash at that intersection since 2011. And they will investigate to see if there is anything that can be done to make that area safer.

"I feel like we need a caution light or something there, because these are just senseless deaths," Carter said. "The 18 wheelers do kind of haul it through there, they are booking.

"I'm very careful, I was already very careful from the first accident. There is no other way for me to go home, I have to take that road."

There are still no chargers filed at this time. The driver, Pamela Tello, and the mother of Samantha and Angel, Sherri Nichols are in fair condition at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. Vidant officials also said they did not have any information on angel's twin brother, Edward Nichols.