Reflective crosswalk signs added in local areas to increase pedestrian safety


NEW BERN, Craven County - Reflective crosswalk signs have been placed at six different locations throughout the city of New Bern to alert motorists to yield while pedestrians cross, especially students walking to and from school.

Officer Stephen Williams works with the traffic enforcement unit. He said there are close to 3,000 accidents involving pedestrians throughout North Carolina a year and police want to do their part in preventing them. The first step is educating the pubic, he said.

"We actually had an officer at the crosswalk calling in violations for motorists who did not yield to the pedestrians on the crosswalk," Officer Williams said.

Williams told NewsChannel 12 reporters that once the education period is over they will begin enforcing and handing out those citations. Their goal is for drivers to obey the signs in order to keep people safe.