Red light camera tickets go into effect Wednesday in Greenville


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The grace period is over.

Starting Wednesday, you'll get a ticket if you run a red light in Greenville. It's a $100 fine but there is a way you can appeal. You'll get your ticket in the mail after the video of your violation has been reviewed by the traffic camera company and a police officer. You can also review it yourself.

Since turning on the cameras, more than 7,800 drivers have run a red light. Of those, about 2,500 cases went to police with 1,800 warning citations issued.

"What we're looking for is compliance to stop behind that line, but we understand that there's some things, other things we have to look at, and that's why we made it an officer review, versus a company review," said Patrick O'Callaghan, Greenville Police Red Light Coordinator.

O'Callaghan reviews most of the violations himself. He said Greenville Police will only issue a citation in a clear case of someone running the light. Every citation will include photos of your vehicle and a link to where you can appeal and see the violation yourself.

"When the light turns red, everybody else has a chance to stop and he just keeps going," O'Callaghan said. "You can view your video. Even if the pictures look like they're not clear, you can view that 11-second video which makes it very clear what happened."

O'Callaghan said he hopes the department's transparency with the citations will show drivers they're not out to unfairly punish drivers but to encourage them to slow down at yellow lights. That's been a concern for some people, who expressed concern the new cameras would cause more rear-end collisions. However, GPD said they haven't recorded any more rear-end collisions than normal since the cameras were installed.

You'll have 30 days to either pay the $100 fine or request a hearing to appeal it. Since it's a civil infractions, no insurance points will be added to your license.