Rash of vehicle break-ins hits neighborhoods in Kinston


KINSTON, Lenoir County - Kinston Police officials are saying a rash of vehicle burglaries over the weekend was made easier by several individuals not locking their car doors.

Most of the break-ins happened in the Fairfield community on the northwest side of town, said Woody Spencer, spokesperson for the Kinston PD. Given the close proximity of the incidents, police believe there is a strong possibility the same suspect or suspects were involved in each.

"We had a total of eleven vehicles broken into," Spencer said. "Ten of them, the doors were not locked. The eleventh one, the door was locked but the window was down. So eleven cars out of eleven were not secured and that's a problem."

Spencer said simple steps like utilizing garages, locking doors and removing valuables from plain sight are just some of the basics for protecting personal property.

"Anything you can put in front of the bad guys to make it harder for them to get to it," Spencer said of deterrents. "But if you leave your doors unlocked and somebody's walking through the neighborhood in the middle of the night and they try your door and it opens up, they're gonna go in."

Anyone with information about the break-ins is asked to call Kinston PD at (252) 939-3160, the TIPS LINE at (252) 939-4020 or Lenoir County Crime Stoppers at (252) 523-4444.

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