Quick success for Kinston distillery helps take product to new heights


KINSTON, Lenoir County - Kinston is on the rise thanks to local businesses. One of them, Social House Vodka, has really found quick success.

Founded by G. Patel, Cary Joshi and Mark Mullins, the product first rolled out four months ago to massive success.

"We were able to partner with Southern glazer's spirits and wines to help us here in North Carolina," Mullins said. "We started talking with southern about other opportunities outside of the state to let others enjoy their own social house moments"

The vodka is distilled right here in Kinston using corn grown only in Eastern North Carolina and water from a local aquifer. While none of the founders are from Kinston, they felt the city was in a renaissance and wanted to be part of it.

"We started looking at Kinston and when we said that, people were like where's Kinston? Or why Kinston? Now when we tell people they go oh I know I've heard of Kinston," Mullins said.

The three co-founders now have their eyes on expanding sales into seven other states, promoting both the city of Kinston and North Carolina.

"It's gonna be amazing to be able to go into Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, wherever and tell this story and people embrace it and then say 'oh that's North Carolina's vodka.' That's gonna be amazing," Mullins said.

Social House Vodka is currently in more than 150 ABC stores across North Carolina and the trio is hopeful they can start expansion sometime next year.

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