Push to get heroin suppliers off streets underway


NEW BERN, Craven County - Seven area drug dealers are facing serious prison time thanks to work by the district attorney and local law enforcement.

One of them is Demetris Antonio Nolan from Morehead City. He's facing a combined sentence of 18-25 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to trafficking heroin in both Carteret and Craven counties. He did that after selling heroin to undercover officers.

The officers then used the evidence to get a search warrant for Nolan's home, where they found even more drugs.

The real key to the long prison sentence is the work the district attorney and law enforcement did to make sure the case was air tight. They hope their success putting Nolan behind bars sends a message to other drug dealers.

"When we do these types of operations and prosecutions, we always hope that we're saving lives and i believe we are," said Scott Thomas, district attorney. "Because for every one of these folks going to prison for a long number of years, that means we have one less drug dealer out there providing heroin fentanyl that causing overdose deaths and all other problems for our area."

Thomas said the deadly substance fentanyl that is often laced in heroin is what makes the drug so dangerous. It has led to overdoses and deaths. Recently, law enforcement are finding an even more deadly substance start to surface in our area called Carfentanil .

"We are doing everything on the law enforcement end to reduce the supply of illegal drugs in our communities," Thomas said. We also hope it sends a message to drug dealers and traffickers that if you conduct this type of illegal activity in our district, you're going to be investigated, arrested, prosecuted and very possibly may get a long active prison sentence."

The district attorney said there are other trafficking prosecutions in the works that can't be announced yet. Those dealers could face murder charges as the drugs that sold led to overdoses.

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