Puppies rescued from hot car just minutes before death

Kanesha Williamson, bottom, was arrested on two coutns on animal cruelty on Thursday after leaving two six-week-old puppies locked in a hot car. (Photos courtesy of Greenville Police Department)

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Greenville Police and Animal Protective Services officers saved two six-week-old puppies from certain death on Thursday, rescuing them from a parked car where temperatures had risen to more than 130 degrees.

Greenville Police spokesperson Kristen Hunter said officers responded to a call at the First Street Place Apartments, 400 West 1st Street, shortly before noon after getting a tip that a puppy had been left inside a pet carrier inside a car. Officers quickly determined there were two puppies - six-week-old female labrador mixes - inside the car, suffering from obvious signs of distress from the heat.

The puppies were rushed to East Carolina Veterinary Services for emergency treatment. The examining vet told officers that if the puppies had been in the car for another five minutes, they liked would have died.

The dogs were released into the care of Greenville Animal Protective Services, where they will remain until the case is settled in court. Hunter reports that the puppies are "doing much better" following the emergency veterinary care.

Greenville PD located and arrested Kanesha Williamson, the owner of the puppies, on two counts of animal cruelty. She was booked into the Pitt County Jail on a $1,000 bond.

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